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Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes (no intermission)
  • 13 oct 2016, 19:00
Proton Theatre
Budapest, Hungary

Premiere – October 15th, 2013

A world famous psychiatric hospital in Hungary was forced to close down a few months ago. The building has since become dilapidated; the garden is overgrown with weeds and a handful of patients have been left to vegetate alone on the fourth floor.

The patients with developed dementia are living in the empire of amnesia... We have to face the following questions: How could society ever profit from one mental patient living a few years longer? What is the point of helping those who suffer when it all leads to death anyway? And besides, suffering is what propels humanity. When we numb ourselves with modern medicine we forget about religion and philosophy for good, albeit humanity found shelter in them before. May we presume the contradiction that death is Man's only hope and main human right?

This production of the Proton Theatre, which shifts from documentary-like realism to a more abstract world of the subconscious, manages to create an operetta-like reality wrapped in a postmodern melodrama that is frighteningly similar to our own daily life, insofar as every society is best characterized by how it treats its elderly and those livings with disabilities.

Written by Kornél Mundruczó, Kata Wéber
Director Kornél Mundruczó
Dramaturg Viktória Petrányi, Gábor Thury
Set, costumes Márton Ágh
Music János Szemenyei
Assistant director Zsófia Csató

Cast: Ervin Nagy, Roland Rába, Kata Wéber, Lili Monori, Balázs Temesvári, Diána Magdolna Kiss, Gergely Bánki, László Katona

Proton Theatre

In 2009, Kornél Mundruczó and Dóra Büki, theatre producer, founded Proton Theatre, a virtual artistic company organised around the director’s independent productions. Besides preserving maximum artistic freedom, their goal is ensure a professional structure for their independently produced theatre plays and projects.

The performances of the Proton Theatre have been touring to more than 70 festivals during these years, from Festival d’Avignon through Adelaide Festival to Singapore International Festival, Seoul Bo:m Festival or the Züricher Theaterspektakel.

Kornél Mundruczó
Kornél Mundruczó

Born in Hungary in 1975. He studied at the Hungarian University of Film and Drama and is now a renowned European film-director, whose films premier at the most prestigious festivals all over the world.
He has been working for the stage since 2003. He is most enthusiastic to start a new project whenever he finds an inspiring subject, a team and a venue. During the creative process he tries to build up a team. For new projects he very often casts the same actors, who are working as creative partners to him. It is with them that he devises the productions. After freelancing with more or less the same group of people for several years, in 2009 he founded his independent theatre company, Proton Theatre together with Dóra Büki.

Деменция/Demencia (Фото/Photo by Rév Marcell)
Деменция/Demencia (Фото/Photo by Rév Marcell)
Деменция/Demencia (Фото/Photo by Márton Ágh)
Деменция/Demencia (Фото/Photo by Márton Ágh)