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Visual and Performing Arts Centre
220030, Minsk, Internatsionalnaya, 21
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Duration: 75 minutes (no intermission)
  • 24 aug 2016, 20:00
  • 02 oct 2016, 16:00
  • 02 oct 2016, 20:30
Visual and Performing Arts Centre
Minsk, Belarus

Premiere – April 15th, 2016

The Belarusian town of Rogachev is located not far from the Ukrainian border. In the middle of the story is the Kovalenko family, a mother and two sons. A typical apartment block on the Lenin street and a typical apartment on the 3rd floor. Low salaries, rising prices, high costs. It’s actually an ordinary Belarusian life.
And everything seems very normal and even good: the eldest son works and keeps the family, the junior is graduating from school and preparing to go to the university in Minsk.
But their life changes very dramatically when the eldest son Kolya was fired from his job and the family appears on the verge of poverty. And right here, just around the corner, in a neighbouring country, is a war, which is always waiting for the ones who wants to make money.

The first performance created with the support of the audience and of the crowdfunding platform

Director Alexander Marchenko
Playwriter Vitaly Korolev
Design Andrey Zhigur
Lighting Nikolay Surkov
Sound Ksenia Korolchuk
Video Katya Kriuk, Sasha Shaporova, Lisa Kashevskaya

Cast: Julianna Mihnevich, Maxim Braginets, Artem Kuren, Anton Zhukov, Anna Semenyako

Visual and Performing Arts Centre

A detached legal organization established with a support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and Belagazprombank. The main aims and objectives of the Centre are holding festivals, competitions, workshops, seminars etc.
The creation of Visual and Performing Arts Centre is based on the experience of carrying out of international festivals, creation of joint projects, including the experience of co-productions.

Alexander Marchenko
Alexander Marchenko

Director, actor. Graduated from Belarusian state university of culture majoring in directing and teaching special theatre disciplines. Since 2001 has been an actor in a troupe of the Republican theatre of Belarusian drama, since 2009 has been the leader of the Centre of Belarusian dramaturgy. He has also been the leader at the moving laboratory of the mentioned above Centre.