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Subject Talk

Subject Talk
Subject Talk
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes (no intermission)
  • 01 oct 2016, 15:00
Belarusian State Youth Theatre
Minsk, Belarus

Premiere – December, 2014

It's a media project, laboratory, form of open dialog with a space, with audience. In real time dancers investigate what contemporary art is, is it objective and real or it's enough just to imagine a necessary context. What this experiment may bring is unknown. Major part of the performance is based on improvisation and cooperation with verbal action (series of interviews with very different people).

Idea and direction Olga Skvortsova
Sound Alexander Bachilo
Video Sergey Dreval
Cast: Valeria Khripatch, Anna Korzyuk, Olga Rabetskaya, Kirill Baltrukov, Iryna Shyrokaya, Ilya Cherepko

Olga Labovkina – choreographer, performer
Svetlana Ulanovskaya – fine art expert, musician, contemporary dance expert
Denis Roslikov – designer, contemporary music lover
Roma Romanovich – artist naturalist
Alexander Kazello – actor, artist, master of intellectual discussion
Maria Trauberg – designer, master of intellectual discussion
Eugene Korniag – director, choreographer

Belarusian State Youth Theatre

Established in 1984. The current repertoire includes forty stage performances of various genres: from classical situation comedies to the performances interpreting masterpieces of the world dramatic art in postmodern theatre traditions, dance performances, performances for children. Talented Belarusian and Russian stage directors create at the theatre the performances inspired by the best works of local and foreign dramatic art. The collective of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre was awarded the title of Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus in 2017.

Olga Skvortsova
Olga Skvortsova

Choreographer, actress and performer. Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Took lessons of classical dance and participated in workshops of contact improvisation and contemporary dance in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Used to be a teacher at the theatre departments of the Belarusian Academy of Arts and the University of Culture. In 2005, together with a choreographer Dmitry Zalesky founded the theatre of modern choreography «D.O.Z.SK.I.».
In 2012, she has founded her own Skvo's Dance Company.

Предметный разговор / Subject Talk (Photo by Olga Rabeckaja)
Предметный разговор / Subject Talk (Photo by Olga Rabeckaja)
Предметный разговор / Subject Talk (Photo by Egor Vojnov)