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Duration: 60 minutes without intermission
  • 30 sep 2018, 19:00
Modern Table Contemporary Dance Company
Seoul, South Korea
  1. Premiere – December 2006
  3. Darkness Poomba is re-interpreted into modern dance from Korea’s traditional material of Poomba. The performance possesses a unique Asian characteristic with live sounds and male dancers dancing in dynamic curves. Without any stage set required the piece is structured with 70% of dance and 30% of music and performance sequence is progressed with live instruments with guitar, bass, drums and Korean traditional vocal “pansori” in harmony. The frame of the basic melody, transcribed with more modern feature with strong movement ties for audiences to enjoy without distinction of sex or age worldwide.
  5. Director & Choreographer Kim Jae-duk
  6. Korean traditional vocal Jeong Seung-joon
  7. Lighting Designer Lee Jang-han
  8. Executive Producer Elly Eunji Jeon
  9. Assistant Kim Hyo-shin
  11. Dancers: Kim Jae-duk, Lee Jung-in, Choi Jeong-sik, Kim Lae-hyuk, Han Tae-jun, Lee Un-gi, Kim Han-sol
  13. Musicians: Heo Seong-eun (Drum), Huh Chul-oo (Guitar), Kim Hyeong-min (Bass Guitar)

Korean traditional vocal without subtitles

Modern Table Contemporary Dance Company

Modern Table, led by choreographer Kim Jae-duk, is a young and up-and-coming
performance company that aims to communicate with audience through
interdisciplinary performances and projects. The company mainly performs
contemporary dance and at the same time, stages musical, pansori, rock and hip-
hop performances that transgress borders between genres. The company’s unique characteristics also come from endeavors that try to give contemporary forms to traditional Korean themes.

Kim Jae-duk
Kim Jae-duk

A Korean dancer, choreographer and art director. Graduated from Korea National University of Arts with BFA and MFA degree of department of Dance performance.
Was internationally acclaimed at numerous contests and festivals. In his choreography combines traditional Korean themes with contemporary forms and concepts. Various experiences of overseas performance broadened Kim’s horizon, not only in Asian countries but also in Europe and Latin America.