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  • 22 sep 2019, 14:00
«Kryly Khalopa» Theatre
Brest, Belarus

«Theatre of Social Research» Projects Presentation

Presentation and audiovisual installation

Premiere — May 27, 2017

The project Brest Stories Guide is focused on anti-Semitism and the destruction of Brest Jewish community in 1941–1942. Before the outbreak of the war, there lived approximately 24 000 Jews in Brest. Almost all of these people were annihilated. Because of the Holocaust and the city natives’ repatriation, as well as Soviet anti-Semitism, the memory of the Jewish community and its contribution to the development of Brest disappeared from the city.

The audio performance — a tour around a “nonexistent” Brest — is based on the materials from archives, books, photos and interviews with witnesses of the events related to the anti-Semitic manifestations, the Brest ghetto and the obliteration of the Jewish community. In this project there were also used the unpublished reports by German officers gained from German archives. The play becomes a kind of investigation with the hearing of witnesses in the case of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. The words of the witnesses are recorded by the best actors of Brest theatres. Streets, buildings and yards become a stage on which you can hear the voices from the past.

  1. Idea, Direction: Oksana Gaiko
  2. Script: Oksana Gaiko, Andrei Bogdanov, Svetlana Gaidalenok
  3. Organizational Support: Svetlana Gaidalenok, Elizaveta Mikhalchuk
  4. Video: Bokononfilm (Valter Tsurkan, Karina Baratova, Eugene Glushen)
  5. Experts: Efim Basin, Christian Ganzer
  6. IT-Specialists: Dmitry Martyniuk, Alexey Dyadishchev
  7. Design: Dmitry Dudko
  8. Sound Recording, Work with Actors: Andrey Bogdanov
  9. Work with Materials: Oksana Gaiko, Svetlana Gaidalenok, Efim Basin, Christian Ganzer, Ilona Belyatskaya, Andrei Bogdanov
  10. Translation: Irina Skobchenko, Igor Krebs, Marina Zavrazhnaya, Yulya Timofeeva
  12. Cast: Anatoly Barannik, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Ivan Gerasevich, Konstantin Krishtapovich, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Tamara Levchuk, Natalya Lobko, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Metlitsky, Sergei Petkevich, Vladimir Tevosyan, Danil Usikov, Irina Gordeyuk, Oksana Gaiko

In Russian language with English subtitles

«Kryly Khalopa» Theatre

«Kryly Khalopa» Theatre was founded in 2001. The mission of the theatre is to implement in performative form the critical view on problems of our society, develop contemporary performing arts and innovative theatre practices in Belarus. The activity of the theatre includes the creation of performances, educational events (lectures, meetings, presentations), realization of theatre programs and projects, also with children and disabled people. From 2001 till 2016 the theatre realized more than 10 performative street actions, created 12 performances (including 5 street performances), which are different in style and visual language. The performances of the theatre participated in more than 50 international festivals in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark and France. From 2016 the theatre opened the School of Collective Art, where amateurs can get education in the sphere of theatre. In 2018 the theatre was awarded by the UN Golden Dove Award for a significant contribution to the protection of rights and dignity of each person.

Oksana Gaiko
Oksana Gaiko

Theatre director, actress, activist, the founder and managing director of the Brest Free Theatre (2001–2011) and the «Kryly Khalopa» Theatre. She created 12 performances, which participated in more than 50 international theatre festivals in Europe and Russia. She is one of the founders and the director of the KX Space in Brest. As a theatre tutor, she worked in Belarus, Poland, Russia, France, Lithuania and the USA.