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Duration: 1 hour (without intermission)
  • 21 sep 2019, 12:00
The Social Theater Lab of ECLAB
Minsk, Belarus

«Theatre of Social Research» Projects Presentation

Liokha Chykanas

Documentary spectacle

Premiere — December 18, 2018

According to the official statistics, every third Belarusian woman lives in a situation of physical, psychological or economic violence. One third of all serious crimes taking place in Belarus are murders committed in the family.

We hear this information so often that sometimes take it for granted. What in fact hides behind these numbers? What can each of us do to change things? Can we be sure that we ourselves will not become victims of violence in close relationships? How would you respond to a case of domestic violence? Would you call the police? Or would you say at work the next day it was an accident? How do family and friends support violence by ignoring and silencing it? How to cope with physical and mental injuries suffered by victims of violence?

  1. Director: Valentina Moroz
  2. Project Manager: Anna Kazakova
  3. Sets Designer: Ekaterina Chudnaya
  4. Costume Designer: Andrey Chesnokov
  5. Video: Kacia Chekatouskaya
  6. Design: Nastya Stalmahova
  7. Lighting Designer: Ivan Gusev
  8. Video and Sound Engineer: Karina Baratova

Cast: Nastya Stalmahova, Kacia Chekatouskaya, Polina Pitkevich, Anna Lavnikovich, Irina Averina, Pavel Andreev, Artem Lobko

The performance uses profanity!

In Russian language with English subtitles

No admittance after third bell.

The Social Theater Lab of ECLAB

Was founded in 2017 on the basis of «Contemporary Art and Drama Studies» Concentration of European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus. Together with the stage director Valentina Moroz, the participants of the Lab produce documentary performances and stage readings of their own plays and plays by contemporary authors. The Lab aims to illuminate socially significant, traumatic, and underreported topics and problems of the Belarusian society. Since the launch of the Lab the project team has produced 3 performances, created 3 documentary plays and 5 stage readings. The Lab also produced the performances «April 11th» about Minsk Metro terrorist attack and «WE ARE TO LIVE HERE» about social, financial, gender and other forms of inequality and discrimination in Belarus.

Valentina Moroz
Valentina Moroz

Director, theatre tutor, master of theatrical art. Completed Master's program at the Moscow Art Theatre School and Master's program at the Vsevolod Meyerhold Centre in Moscow. Participated in directing and modern drama laboratories in Russia and Belarus. Conducted master classes devoted to the Vsevolod Meyerhold’s biomechanics at festivals and theater laboratories in Belarus. Participated in the Vsevolod Meyerhold's Theatre Practice International Conference in Wroclaw. The director of performances staged at The Social Theater Lab of ECLAB, as well as performances “Panic” based on the play by Mika Myllyaho and “The Sandbox” based on the play by Michał Walczak, staged in Moscow. Directed the readings of «Premiere» (Moscow), «Class Act» (Moscow), «Matches» at the National Drama Festival in Bobruisk (Belarus), a play by Michał Walczak as a part of Polish plays collection presentation on the stage of the Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama.