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Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes (with intermission)
  • 21 sep 2019, 19:00
The Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama
Minsk, Belarus

Based on the play «Duck Hunting» by Alexander Vampilov

Not a comedy

Premiere — October 10, 2018

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Zilov. He was an ordinary man with an ordinary surname. And he had an ordinary wife. And one day... he gets an apartment! It should seem everything is fine. However, he wanders in the labyrinth of his own consciousness. There are many quest rooms in this labyrinth, where his wife, love-mate and friends are waiting for him. With every step, Zilov becomes more confused. Will he find a way out? The play is about people, who consider themselves adult, but in fact turn out to be children, who for the first time appear in such a quest-room of their own lives.

  1. Director: Stas Zhirkov
  2. Translation: Maria Pushkina

Scenography and Costumes: Alyona Igrusha

Cast: Maxim Braginets, Artem Kuren, Andrey Novik, Sergey Shimko, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Lyudmila Sidorkevich, Grazhyna Bykova, Anna Semenyako, Anastasia Bobrova, Dmitry Davidovich

In Belarusian language with English subtitles

No admittance after third bell.

The Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama

The theatre was established in December 1990 and for some time existed as a structural unit of the Janka Kupala National Theatre. It gained the status of a creative laboratory and the concept of a new stage team was clearly outlined: to support national drama and discover new Belarusian authors.

Today, the theater supports young directors, looks for new theatrical forms and new ways of interacting with the audience. A significant place in its activities takes international cooperation, participation in festivals and creative laboratories, the broadening of its international relationships. In 2015, the RTBD was the organizer of the 2nd Youth Theater Forum of the CIS, Baltic States, Georgia, which became a bright theatrical event in Belarus and abroad.

Stas Zhirkov
Stas Zhirkov

Managing and artistic director of the Kiev Academic Drama and Comedy Theatre on the left bank of the Dnieper (2019), managing and artistic director of the Kiev Golden Gate Theatre (2014–2019), Honored Artist of Ukraine (2017). He graduated from the acting and directing course of the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. Since 2016 he takes the lead of the youth policy at the National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine. Stas Zhirkov is a master of acting at Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. He collaborates with various theaters in Europe and is a multiple winner of international festivals and theatre awards.