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Duration: 55 minutes without intermission
  • 19 oct 2020, 19:00
Brest Puppet Theatre
Brest, Belarus

Based on the novel “The Ordeal” by Vasil Bykov

Inexhaustible clarity of being

Premiere September 4,  2019

Vasil Bykov wrote the following regarding the main idea of his novel The Ordeal: “First and foremost, I was interested in two moral problems, which can be formulated as follows: What is a person in front of the devastating power of inhuman circumstances? What is he capable of when he has exhausted all the possibilities to protect his life and when there is no chance to prevent death?”

This is one of the main moral problems of the war, examined by the director Ruslan Kudashov. Every day you have to choose: either you stand by your principles and live a poor life or even die, or you compromise yourself in order to enjoy better living conditions or save your life. The performance makes the viewer worry about the heroes, catch much more than their words can express, look deeper into their psyche and the social origins of their behaviour.

Director Ruslan Kudashov
Set Designer Marina Zavyalova
Music Vladimir Bychkovsky

Cast Roman Parkhach, Andrey Polyansky, Yuri Teslya, Tamara Tevosyan, Vladimir Tevosyan, Elena Polyashenko, Lilia Versta, Marta Zhminko, Olga Marchuk, Ivan Gerasevich, Ilya Galygin

In Russian language 

Brest Puppet Theatre

Honored collective of the Republic of Belarus, active participant of international festivals, two-time winner of the World Festival of Puppet Art in Prague. The theatre was founded in 1963. There were staged over 150 performances in the theatre. The theatre is one of the founders and organizers of the International Theatre Festival Belaya Vezha. In 2005, for the great work in the popularization of the Belarusian puppet art abroad and successful participation in international festivals, the theatre was awarded a special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus “For the development of international cultural ties”.

Ruslan Kudashov
Ruslan Kudashov

Chief director of the Bolshoi Puppet Theatre in St. Petersburg, participant and multiple laureate of prestigious international festivals, laureate of the Russian National Theatre Award “Golden Mask”. To date, he has staged more than 40 performances in different cities and countries. Most of them are synthetic performances that combine different puppet systems with a live acting. Most often the director comes to a genre of philosophical parable, which allows the author to speak with the viewer at the level of eternal values ​​and universal human virtues, to touch upon the fundamental questions of life.